Optimizing diets on health and sustainability

Optimeal® is a software package for optimization of diets on health and sustainability. It was developed by Blonk Consultants in cooperation with Voedingscentrum (the Netherlands Nutrition Centre). Optimeal® and the included environmental data have been applied in several peer-reviewed scientific papers.

Optimeal 2.0: insights and solutions for food issues

Optimeal 2.0 is now available and offers even more opportunities to analyse sustainable diets.
Read more about Optimeal 2.0.

Why Optimeal?

One of the biggest global challenges today is to make food production and consumption both healthier and more sustainable. The associated issues are diverse and concern malnutrition, obesity, food security and pollution of the environment. Defining healthy and sustainable food patterns is complex and should be based on a systematic investigation and sound data. To help in this debate, we have built Optimeal®, a tool that enables to grasp the full picture of healthy and sustainable nutrition. Optimeal® allows investigation of a multitude of options, identifies new opportunities and helps to elevate the level of discussions.

Intended users

We developed Optimeal® to support strategic thinking on healthy and sustainable nutrition and the role of specific food products therein. Intended users are: 

  • Governments; 
  • Food companies;
  • Scientific organizations;
  • NGOs;
  • Professionals who are concerned with understanding healthy and sustainable food.

Main applications

Schematic representation of Optimeal®

 Schematic representation of Optimeal