Webinar: Sustainable diets

Calculate healthy and sustainable diets

  • Discover what a healthy and sustainable diet is.
  • Find out more about how our food system can be made healthier and more sustainable.
  • Learn how to calculate health and sustainability of foods.

On the 12th of March 2019 we organised a webinar on Sustainable Diets.

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Healthy and sustainable food

Webinar on Sustainable Diets

Our generation faces challenges of global proportions. Our diet and how we produce our food have a major impact on the planet. A large proportion of the world’s population either eat unhealthy diets or are malnourished, so if we are to feed the growing global population with healthy diets we will have to make urgent changes to our food system. But how can we make our food system healthier for people and planet? The recent EAT-Lancet report on healthy and sustainable diets shows just how topical and urgent this question is. Blonk Consultants has considerable experience with this complex issue and has critically examined its implications for various organisations, including WWF UK (Livewell Plates) and the Dutch environmental organisation Natuur & Milieu (Menu for Tomorrow).

To assist efforts to tackle this urgent problem we are happy to share what we have learned in our Webinar Sustainable Diets.

During the webinar you will learn more about what healthy and sustainable diets are. We will investigate the urgent nature of the global challenges facing us. You will learn how to calculate a healthy and sustainable dietary pattern and the type of data you need. How do you determine what is healthy? And what exactly is a sustainable diet? Drawing on inspiring examples we unpack and explore these complex issues.

Keywords: sustainable diets, healthy diets, optimisation, climate change, dietary patterns, Optimeal, life cycle assessment (LCA), environmental impact of food

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