WWF & Sustainable diets

I n 2011 WWF UK published the first 'Livewell plate', which was followed by Livewell plates for France, Spain and Sweden in 2013. They were very successful in putting the topic of sustainable diets on the agenda of governments, food companies and health organisations, as well as demonstrating that it was possible to incorporate sustainability in dietary recommendations.

Update of the Livewell plates

The original Livewell plates focussed on Climate Change and reducing Greenhouse Gas emissions (GHGe). Linear Programming was used to find diets that met both targets for GHGe and dietary requirements. In the light of new dietary guidelines and the desire to include more environmental impacts, WWF UK and WWF France desire to update the Livewell plates. In the coming months Blonk Consultants will work on this update. Optimeal® will play a major role in this project.

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